Keep Your Shades Glass Free With This Cool Shades Holder

Shades, also commonly known as eyeglasses, glasses, or even spectacles are vision eyewear that comes with clear lenses mounted in a frame that holds the glasses in front of a person’s eyes, mostly by utilizing the bridge over the nose and hinged arms which rest over the ears.

Shades are worn for various reasons. While some people wear them for vision correction, which includes reading glasses and glasses used to correct short-sightedness; many people wear glasses for cosmetic reasons. They are fashionable and you can use them to show your friends and family your nerdy side, cool right?

People also wear glasses because they provide eye protection such as the anti-blue light shade worn by people whose jobs require them to stare at their computer screen for hours and safety glasses, worn by lab technicians or construction workers to protect their eyes against falling debris. 

At this point, we can all agree that glasses can be used to serve various purposes but there’s one problem all eyeglass wearers have; glasses are fragile and if not properly taken care of, they could go missing, become damaged or broken. Hence it’s important to properly take care of your glasses when they are not in use. Some people protect their glasses by attaching a cord to the glass that goes around the neck. This is done to prevent loss of the glasses. 

Even though using a cord to hold your glasses in place—which prevents them from going missing—works, it’s not the most effective method because if you should mistakenly bump into someone or someone bumps into you, you’d realize that you’ll end up damaged shades. 

How else can we protect our shades? The answer to the question is by using a shades holder. A shade holder can protect your glasses from going missing and unlike using the cord method or technique, you don’t have to worry about your glasses getting damaged if you bump into someone or you bump into someone.

What that means for you is that you can start protecting your shades today, when you place your shades in the beautiful yet fashionable Bag Puff shades holder. There’s no better way to carry around your glasses in style than with the Bag Puff shades holder. 

The Bag Puff shade holder is made from leather which means they are sturdy and are capable of protecting the shades within if you mistakenly let go of them. Additionally, the shades come in different colours; there are 20 different colour variants with the most popular ones being blue, black, brown, white, and light pink.


Our glasses or shades serve a lot of purposes. They protect our eyes from the sunlight and other kinds of dangerous rays, they can be used to correct short-sightedness and long-sightedness and other forms of eye defect and protects our eyes from debris, especially for people who work in construction firms. Despite all those benefits, glasses are fashionable and they can make you look classy in less than no time if the situation demands it.

However, glasses are usually not made with the most sturdy materials except for safety glasses that are specially designed. That means that every time you are not using your shades and they are not in a protective casing you risk damaging or losing your glasses. That’s why it’s important that you always protect your shades using shade holders like the Bag Puff shades holder.

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