132 Indians in PSL Opening Ceremony Why?

The disappointing opening ceremony of the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League is still being heard and now the ‘PCB Jawab Do’ has become the top trend on Twitter.

Let’s know why PCB Jawab Do is trending on Twitter?

PSL 5 opening ceremony was held in National Stadium Karachi on 20th February. After which the fans were disappointed. Later, there was a debate on social media regarding the event in which someone criticized the host Ali Godel while raising questions about the mismanagement of the event.

On social media, it was revealed that the director and event planner was responsible for the inaugural event of PSL5, which came as social media users were on fire.

Now recently a video was shared by host Waqar Zaka in which he revealed with astonishment that 130 Indians had been hired to administer the opening ceremony. Zakaria Zaka showed a list in her video which contained the names of more than 130 Indians in the administration of the PSL 5 opening ceremony. People of Pakistan don’t have jobs. People do not have food, why all these people come to Pakistan?

132 Indians in Pakistan Super League Opening Ceremony

Waqar Zaka said in his video, “Forgot the Kashmir incident?” Stopped calling for Kashmir, stopped working for his countrymen.

In the video, Waqar said that our artists are treated badly by being pushed out in India; “Do you think of any Indian ever wanting such a big event in Pakistan?” Waqar Zaka said in his video that if it was a Pakistani event then 100% of Pakistanis should have been given the job.

Following the video of Waqar Zaka, the hashtag PCB Jawab Do on Twitter started trending and has been tweeted by more than 5,000 users.

However, there has been no response from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in this regard.

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