Tudor Heritage Black Bay

The watch industry’s world is growing throughout the years, and if you’re that typical type of person who is still starting his/her own collection of watches, it might be difficult for you to decide which brand you should start investing in.  The best thing to know about the brand is its high-quality wristwatch and its worth in the market.

If you want to invest in elegant and luxurious types of timepieces, but you are on a budget, don’t get discouraged because Tudor Heritage Black Bay is the solution. The brand Tudor is Rolex’s sister company, which continuously produces luxury and long-lasting watches up to the present. Below is one of their latest collections of timepieces you might be interested in having.

Heritage Black Bay Model 79363N-0003

This timepiece belongs to the Tudor Heritage Black Bay with an automatic chronograph created by professional watchmakers just for men.  This design combines elegance, sophistication, and class, which can easily attract anyone inside a room. It entirely is paired with a formal outfit, a casual one, or even attire intended for the beach.

When you look into this timepiece, the huge dial colored in black with luminous gold hands and dot type of hour markers adds a distinctive look to this masterpiece. This timepiece’s case material is stainless steel covered with a high-quality sapphire crystal, and below it is plain solid stainless steel.

The movement caliber used for the watch is the Tudor MT5813, with a band material of one of the most delicate fabrics on earth. The watch is equipped with a waterproof feature up to 656 ft or 200 meters deep. The selling price of this magnificent watch in the market is $ 6,149.

Heritage Black Bay Model 79733N-0003

This timepiece is one of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay collection with champagne and black combination just for men. The design of its inner dial has a champagne-tone with triangles, circles, and rectangular styles of hour markers with a small aperture on the side of the 3 o’clock for you to keep track of the date.

The case is made entirely with premium stainless steel material with sapphire crystal material, making it scratch-proof and dust-proof. This is an automatic type of watch with a movement Tudor caliber of MT5612. The bracelet of the watch is made of stainless steel leather with a yellow-gold tone.  The watch is made to be waterproof up to 200 meters deep.

This timepiece is completely lavish and would be paired perfectly with any formal and semi-formal type of fashion. The price of this elegant looking watch in the market is now only at $ 3,299.

Heritage Black Bay Model 79350-0004

This watch belongs to the Heritage Black Bay series that is crafted with high-quality materials just for men. It has an elegant and classy looking design that would perfectly fit any type of fashion statement. This timepiece has a black dial with two other subdials measuring the minutes and seconds.

The dot hour markers and snowflake hand is colored in silver-tone, making a perfect blend to its dial.  Thwristwatch’s e round-shaped case is made of high-quality stainless steel covered in sapphire crystal with a 41 mm diameter size. This automatic watch has a caliber of MT5813 for its movement.

This watch’s bands and buckle are created with high-quality stainless steel, making it more durable among the other brands; it also has a feature of 200 meters water resistant, perfect for any outdoor activities. The price of the watch in the market is now at $ 5,099.

Heritage Black Bay Model 79360DK-0001

If you are an ultimate black color lover or you love wearing black kinds of accessories, this watch from the Heritage black bay collection is perfect for you. This analog watch has a plain black color with a silver-tone of hour markers and hands. The case material is stainless steel with a round shape in 41 mm diameter.

This timepiece has an automatic movement with a Tudor caliber of  MT5813. The entire watch is made of the finest stainless steel in black tone, with a water-resistant feature of 200 meters or in feet is 656.  This astonishing watch fits in any fashion statement, and it is now available in the market at $ 10,899.


Collecting high-quality types of timepieces may cost you a lot, but not all brands are created for rich people. The Rolex company’s founder made the Tudor brand cater to all the people who can not afford the Rolex brand. Tudor has one of the best and long-lasting timepieces in the market under the Heritage Black Bay series.

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