PIA Decides To Operate Flights To UK

Following the removal of Pakistan from the red list, the national carrier PIA has decided to start flights to the United Kingdom. It was learned that PIA will operate chartered flights to the UK which will be operated by a chartered company from Islamabad to Manchester and London.

The UK has decided to remove eight countries, including Pakistan, from the red list in a review of the travel advisory on the Corona epidemic, including Turkey, Bangladesh, the Maldives, and Oman.

Confirming Pakistan’s removal from the red list, the British Secretary of Transportation said in a tweet: “I know how difficult the last five months have been for those who travel regularly between Pakistan and the UK.”

“In the case of a full vaccination, you will not need a corona test to enter the UK after October 4,” he said.

It should be noted that after the cases of Delta variant came to light in India in April 2021, the UK had updated its travel advisory and imposed travel bans by including many countries including Pakistan in the red list.

However, India was later removed from the red list, although there were thousands of deaths due to the third wave of Corona, which British lawmakers also criticized their government.

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